Who We Are

We are Diversified!

About MyMM and Our Family of Companies

MyMM Inc. is a content production studio producing commercials and branded content in virtual and local markets. Applying the creative talents of our marketing experts, producers, writers and directors and blending this with cutting-edge technology, including Unreal engine, we offer unique commercial and branded experiences.

MyMM Inc. is also the parent company of both Cake By The Ocean Films and Griffin Animation Academy.

Cake By The Ocean Films is a creative film studio producing documentary films, animated films and live-action films. Applying the same principles and talents from our parent company, MyMM, Cake By The Ocean Films utilizes its family of companies to bring both leading technology and elite experts to create powerful and entertaining films.

Griffin Animation Academy is our group of companies’ educational platform, offering up-levelling, advanced mentorship courses designed to take industry professionals to an elite level. Griffin Animation Academy students have opportunities to work on unique project opportunities through MyMM and Cake By The Ocean Films, where they can apply their elite up-levelling to real projects.