Our Team

We don’t just hire people based on their ability to market. We value transferable skills and life experience too. We love a team that is fluid in their ability to navigate challenges, create on the fly and feel the same passion for our clients as we do. With over 20 years of variable and extremely diverse skill-sets, our CEO believes it’s the quality of learned experiences that add to the ingenuity of strategy and creativity. She is involved in every client experience from Onboarding to Creation, Management to Measuring.

We are hiring for various roles.

Markella Markella

President & Founder of MyMM.Inc.

Markella brings a background in sales, marketing, journalism, business and even film to create a well-rounded experience for MyMM. clients and the team.

Eddie Chew

Co-Founder of MyMM. Inc. and Founder of Griffin Animation Academy & Studio

Eddie brings over 20 years of Hollywood post-production experience, a pool of world- class creative talent and access to a plethora of content creation resources.

Laura Ko

Marketing and Content Assistant

Laura brings a background of marketing and media arts studies, as well as a passion for content creation and strategic analysis to ensure the best visual assets and strategies can be created.

Available Roles
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More details on the above roles will be available soon. In the meantime, please email us your cover letter, resume and tell us why you think the role has your name all over it!