MyMM. Content Production.

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MyMM. Content Production.

Content is a loaded word!

Content encompasses everything from the written word, to a still piece of photography, a graphic, GIF, 1 minute video to a 45 minute branded documentary film and much, much more.

We are content experts and create impactful, engaging and effective content to align with brand goals. We also create content that is fun, creative, relatable and cinematic.

  • Write Website Copy
  • Write Blogs, Magazine Articles and Creative Publications
  • Write technical – Manuals, how-to, instructions, product copy
  • Write Real Estate Listings (Creatively)
  • Write & Design Ad copy for Social Platforms, Print publications & Digital Advertising
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Creative Fiction
  • Script / Screen-writing
  • YouTube Scripts
  • Press Releases – Write & Create Press Kits
  • Write Social Media Content

We don’t just write & create beautiful graphic work either. Content means that we are versed in storytelling through various mediums, including Live Content. We Write, Direct & Produce Content in many forms. See some examples below.

  • Video Content
  • Social Media Still Photography, Graphic, Video Content
  • Branded Content with larger budgets (Short Documentary, Fiction, etc)
  • Animation, VFX Content
  • Film
  • Explainer Video & Content