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Marketing & Content Strategies and Implementation

While some Marketing & Content Strategies and Implementation are evergreen and can run without maintenance, the vast majority need ongoing TLC. The MyMM Maintenance stage allows for regular upkeep and overall Marketing & Content Management. Some organizations have designated Marketing departments for this, and it is recommended to either consider in-house marketing personnel or external personnel/organizations.

Need to Keep it Together & Growing?

We help with ongoing management.

Job Description

Manage all aspects on ongoing basis of Marketing & Implementation Strategies which includes:

  • Social Media Content Creation, Scheduling, Planning
  • Ongoing MyMM Measuring & adjustments as needed with internal/ external partners
  • Creation/Lead/Direct Digital & Print Assets
  • Quarterly & Annual Reviews of Strategy & Plans: Make changes, adjustments as need with internal/external partners
  • Regular Review & Adjustment of Analytics, GoogleAds, PPC, Paid Ads, SEO etc

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