An acronym that means you get your very own Markella. Years into a diverse career, in sales, finance, content creation, business management and as a writer, Markella would often get pulled into roles and wear many hats as she would assist CEOs with their business development, strategy and eventually the implementation of strategy into content and marketing tactics. Leading and directing both marketing strategy and content for several companies over the years, she decided it was time to grow what she had been doing and build a studio where clients could come for a la carte services in content and, or marketing production, and most importantly would be welcome regardless of their organization size. 

MyMM. enjoys a small and growing team of hand-picked team members who understand how to talk to clients (a skill so often lost), how to actively listen and how to implement content and strategy to align with clients’ goals. 

We are a Vancouver based studio with clients in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

MyMM. owns two sister companies where additional client content work is carefully created to ensure full closed-loop services.

These two partner companies are Cake By The Ocean Films and Griffin Animation Academy & Studio

Let’s build something together.